Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh, My!

Okay, so Hogle Zoo doesn't have a lion anymore, but it does have tigers and bears, and many other animals that we had a lot of fun seeing on Thursday!

Speaking of tigers, this is one of the first things we passed.

Ethan really liked this bighorn sheep. He even made up a story about half man, half bighorn sheep! That kid has an active imagination!

The boys were in awe of the height of the giraffes!

What is that mysterious fuzzy tale up in that tree?

It's only a sleepy red panda. Isn't he cute?

The penguins were fun to see, as usual.

We went on a rainy day, which I really recommend even if you get wet. The animals are so much more active and fun to see. Check out this bear!

I thought it was interesting to see how these zebras almost blend in with the fence behind them.

Doesn't this monkey have an adorable face?

This rhino is enjoying the sunshine!

The elephants were, by far, my favorite! This one was kind of shy.

This one, however, loved the attention!

This elephant's name is Christie. She was so interactive with her keeper. I think the whole audience was in love with her.

Christie is expecting right now. Did you know that elephants carry their babies for 22 months before giving birth? And their babies are somewhere around 200 lbs and 3 feet tall! Wow!

She was so much fun to see!

I thought this chimp was totally cute!

We actually got to see the prairie dogs! They were loving the rain!

This one prairie dog looked really strange, though.

This is a very rare tortoise. There are very few in the world today. This one is about 8 years old!

These are the cutest spiders I've ever seen!

Libby decided to take this old croc for a ride!

Later, that nasty, old croc decided it wanted to eat Ethan for its dinner!

But Ethan was way too smart for him!

There were lots of baby animals at the zoo. Many were hard to get pictures of. I was lucky to get pictures of these sweet, little ducklings.

We love the zoo!

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