Friday, April 3, 2009

Life is Beautiful

I've decided to drop my old blog. It just wasn't fun for me anymore and I've decided that I just want a place to record my thoughts and journey through life. I love seeing what friends and family are doing through their blogs and that's what I want.

Things feel pretty good for me right now and we are so happy, and just enjoying life.

Corey is getting close to finishing another semester of school. He's decided to do a summer semester, and is hopeful to graduate in 2010! Yeah! We are finally getting close enough that we can start the count down! I am so happy for him. This has been such a self esteem builder for him, and I'm really proud of him.

Johnathan is in his final quarter of school. He will be going to social skills program three days a week this summer from June 15th through August 6th. It kind of sucks because it will take up our whole summer and we'll have to work family reunions and such around it, but it's worth it if he is able to go to school in the fall more set up for success. I just signed him up for coach pitch and he starts that in May. He is loving Cub Scouts. We really slacked off after he earned his Bob Cat, but we've decided it's time to get going again, and we've decided to make it a goal to pass off one thing a week so he can earn his Wolf badge and arrow points, etc. He is loving Chess Club. We are anticipating the opening of a brand new library that will be much closer to us and they are supposed to be having a chess club there. The days and times have yet to be determined, but I'm thrilled to have it closer. Now if they could just do me a favor and have it any day but Wednesday, that would be great! He just got finished participating in the Jr. Author's Fair at school, and put together a book about his love of Dr. Seuss!

Ethan is enjoying preschool, and is looking forward to getting registered for kindergarten later this month. He has been taking a basic sign language class and loves it. He has such an interest in languages. Maybe he'll be an interpreter when he grows up! He wants to join the chess club with his brother. I've told him that if he's still interested in it when he starts kindergarten in the fall, I'll let him. He'll be going to a day camp at his preschool tomorrow and is very excited.

Elizabeth is just busy being 2. We're trying very hard to get her potty trained, and I plan on starting her on preschool in the fall. I'm hoping that there will be enough interest in a neighborhood preschool again and if so, I'll have her participate. If not, I'll homeschool her for next year. If I can get her potty trained by fall, I'm considering getting her into dance lessons.

Things with me are good. I'm feeling really motivated with weight loss right now, and just feel really good about myself. Right now I'm working on getting my house organized and cleaned up. When I'm done with that, I'm thinking of trying to pick up a few piano students.

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