Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day Camp

The preschool Ethan has been attending this year is also a music, dance, and tumbling school. During the summer they have several day camps available. As a thank you to the families who do business with them through preschool, dance, tumbling and music throughout the school year, they kick off the summer day camps with a one hour "Thank You" camp. Ethan got to go to it this morning and had a great time. He got to go into the tumbling room and do an obstacle course and climb the rock wall. He got to see several different musical instruments and hold them, and play some music games. And he got to make a man out of beads and pipe cleaner. The last activity is what he was doing when I came to pick him up. It is the cutest thing. I'll have to take a picture later. I asked Ethan if his person was a girl or a boy. He rolled his eyes and answered "A boy, Mom!" with as much annoyance as a 5 year old can put into his voice. I asked him what his name was, and then started guessing "John, James, Mike" none of which were the answer. I asked him again what the man's name was and he told me to keep guessing. "Bob, Matt, Mark" Nope, all wrong. So I asked "So, what is it?" He got a big smile on his face and shouted "Ethan!"

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