Monday, January 4, 2010

The Last Ten Years: A Time Line

I love reading about what's gone on in people's lives. That's why I blog! LOL! I especially enjoy seeing where the lives of old friends have taken them. We are at the beginning of a new decade, so I've decided to write out a timeline of the significant things that have gone on in my life the past ten years. I probably won't go into a lot of detail because that would take forever.

-January -
I celebrated my 20th birthday.
-April - My nephew, Jordan was born.
-May - Found out I was pregnant with Johnathan.
-July - Corey's Great-Grandmother passed away, and we took a road trip to Canada for her funeral.
-August - Celebrated one year of marriage.
-November - My nephew, Kaden was born.
-December - My nephew, Easton was born.
-January -
Johnathan Corey was born.
-August - Corey left for a 3 month long business trip to Washington DC. I spent one week there with him to celebrate our anniversary.
-September -
Corey's grandmother passed away.
- The World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked by hijacked airplanes. I worried that whole day about Corey since he was working in a government building in DC.
- My Uncle Don passed away after a two year battle with cancer.
-November -
Corey returns from DC safe and sound.
-December -
My nephew Carson was born.
-January -
Johnathan celebrated his 1st birthday.
- My nephew Carson suffered a massive seizure that killed over 50% of his brain cells and left him severely disabled.
-May - My nephew Cameron was born.
-June - I joined Weight Watchers.
-August - Corey had the same business opportunity as the year before. This time Johnathan and I joined him for 3 months in DC. I don't remember exactly when it happened, but this was at the time of the sniper attacks.
-February -
I found out I was pregnant with Ethan.
-April - Corey celebrated his 25th birthday.
-May - My nephew, Cameron was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. I tested positive as a carrier of the gene, and was relieved when Corey did not. This means that our children can carry the gene, but we cannot have a baby with CF. We do, however, plan to encourage our children to get tested, as well as their future spouses, so that if they are carriers, they know what they could be expecting.
-July - My nephew, Carson passed away.
-August - We moved to South Ogden.
-September - My grandfather passed away.
-October - Ethan James is born on my grandfather and great-grandfather's (father and son!) birthday.
-May -
I finally finished losing about 60 lbs.
-July - We found out that Johnathan most likely had Asperger's Syndrome -- a high functioning form of Autism.
-August - Corey had the same business opportunity, this time in Ohio. The children and I stayed home so Johnathan could begin early intervention preschool.
-October - Ethan celebrated his first birthday
-January -
I celebrated my 25th birthday.
-Spring/Summer - My Uncle Veldie passed away. I don't remember the exact date. It could even have been early fall.
-October - Moved back to Roy.
-November -
- Found out I was pregnant with Elizabeth.
- My nephew, Tyson was born.
-January -

- Corey went back to school.
- Johnathan celebrated his 5th birthday.
-July - Elizabeth Sharon was born.
-August - Johnathan started kindergarten.
-November - We moved to Washington Terrace.
-June -
My niece KoDee Jo was born.
-July - Elizabeth celebrated her 1st birthday.
-November -
- We adopted our dog, Buddy.
- My mom was diagnosed with cancer.
-January -
My mom had surgery and beat her cancer.
-April - Corey celebrated his 30th birthday.
-October -
- Ethan celebrated his 5th birthday.
- My niece, Abby was born.
-January -

- Johnathan started Cub Scouts
- Johnathan earned his Bobcat Badge.
- Johnathan was baptized.
-June - Johnathan's baseball team won city champions.
-July - Corey's sister and her husband announced that they were divorcing.
-August -
We went on a family vacation to Yellowstone.
- Corey and I celebrated 10 years of marriage.
- I had a spinal cord injury and went to the hospital.
- Ethan started kindergarten.
-October - I was released from the hospital, able to use a walker.
-December - My nephew, Riley was born.

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