Saturday, June 27, 2009

Glines Reunion 2009

We spent the last few days up at our traditional camp spot at Pineview Reservoir for our annual Glines Reunion. The Glines' Family is Corey's mom's side of the family. Few reunions have been held anywhere else since I joined the family. We always enjoy a few days of swimming, boating, eating good food, and just catching up.

We were getting a little worried as we counted down to the day of the reunion. The weather had been rainy and cool lately. And as the week of the trip arrived, storms were predicted for the first two of three days.

Once we got there, got our tent set up, and got everyone ready for some fun in the water, we got maybe an hour at most before the rain came.

It didn't last long, but by then, it was late enough that we were wanting to eat and start getting settled in for the night.

It rained during the night, and the next morning looked really iffy. The skies finally cleared nicely around 11am, and we went down for a while. The water was COLD! Libby didn't last long, and I soon went back to camp with her to get some lunch, and she took a nice long nap in the tent!

Because there has been so much water this year, Pineview has no dry beach. I didn't dare have the camera down there too much, and I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of Libby in the water. But I got some cute ones of the boys.

Johnathan loved riding on the jetski with his Great Uncle Rolan and his Great Uncle Lane, and pretty much anyone willing to take him.

Grandpa Glines and Marje liked the jetski too!

The boys enjoyed a little "rock" climbing on the sandy hill behind us.

Several sand castles were made by Ethan and the 14 other small children who were there.

There was this awesome tree behind our tent that Libby loved to climb on. I got some great pictures from it. I can't decide which I like best!

My niece, Abby, was one of 3 babies that came to the reunion. Isn't she beautiful?

And cousins had fun getting into trouble together. This little monkey that is with Libby is my niece, KoDee Jo. She turned 2 the second day of the reunion.

We were lucky and got a good dose of sunshine. But that night at dinner, we found ourselves scrambling to get something in our stomachs and get the camp put away for the night as a big thunder and wind storm came upon us. I learned something! If you go swimming on a camping trip, it's a good idea to let your ponytail down so your hair can dry just in case of such weather. I ended up getting very cold, even though I was bundled up in a sleeping bag. I finally spent a little while in the car with the heater on. I brushed my hair out, and used the heater as a makeshift blow dryer. I went to bed that night in a pair of sweat pants, two pairs of socks, a t-shirts, one of Corey's flannel shirts, a sweatshirt, and three heavy blankets!

The only thing missing from the reunion was Aunt Laraine, Uncle Jim, and their three grandkids that live with them. Laraine and Jim are Corey's great aunt and uncle. Uncle Jim passed away two days before the reunion.

Everyone packed up and left the camp ground earlier today than we normally do so we could get home for his funeral. No one from the reunion was as cleaned up as we would have liked, but it was fitting, since Uncle Jim loved camping, fishing, and horseback riding.

I didn't know him very well, but I love Aunt Laraine. She has always had a genuine interest in the lives of her neices and nephews, both old and young, and is a wonderful person. From what little I knew of Uncle Jim, he did too.

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